At the heart of Europe: as close as possible to our customers and partners.

We consistently count on the productivity and the potential of Tauber valley and the people who live there.

Thanks to our favorable geographic position and transport connection all three Winkler plants are flexibly positioned. Our branch offices are part of our family-owned company. We do business under the roof of a strong group of companies. Each plant in Germany and Switzerland stands for a uniform and extraordinary quality standard of the Winkler Design brand.


We position ourselves in the market as a manufacturer and direct sales company that offers any kind of processing and assembly skills from a single source. This sets us apart from the competition and makes us more flexible, independent, and unique.


We communicate with customers and staff in a truly familiar way. We work together at eye level, often for decades and in close friendship. It is exactly this feel-good atmosphere that makes us particularly constructive.


We keep our promises. Our customers keep coming back as they appreciate the quality and advisory expertise of Winkler Design. Our word carries weight among expert planners and architects.


We always find a solution even when time is of the essence. Our team combines experience, expertise, and technologies. We are a contact partner and a high-performance full service provider. 


We walk the talk. We are passionate craftsmen. We are true men of action who act jointly to build the best counter systems in the world. 


We do not manufacture standard products but individual, customized solutions. To do so, we break new ground every day, do pioneering work, and are constantly looking for new and creative solutions. 

Code of Conduct and Compliance

It is the basis for our collaboration with customers, employees and suppliers. Values that have been firmly established in our family-run enterprise from the day it was founded.

How we became who we are.

Our company history

Hygiene, operating comfort, and esthetics.

Counter systems