Comprehensive service on schedule: coordinated assembly and professional after sales service.

Who would be better qualified to assemble, take into operation and maintain your system than the expert who has designed and manufactured it? We will provide you with any kind of assembly and after sales service from a single source.

As soon as the system components leave our factory, our assembly professionals and experienced customer service staff take over control. With their eyes firmly on your processes and time schedule, they reliably coordinate all assembly and connecting work as well as the final commissioning with all trades involved. 

On-schedule delivery

We deliver all system components just in time and as required on your construction site. Delivery is carried out by reliable forwarding agents around the world considering available intralogistics and construction sizes. We coordinate construction sites and reduce the number of interfaces which is why we can keep all processes efficient and adhere to delivery dates.

Neat assembly

Also regarding assembly we feel committed to our consistently high quality standard. Our specially trained assembly teams weld the individual CNS parts and counter tops without joints for optimum cleaning and hygiene. They are supported by our customer service staff who do all assembly and connecting work on site and are able to implement modification requests quickly. 


Only upon thorough testing and approval of all specifications and functions our experts implement your interior design and systems on site. We set great store by smooth installment during ongoing operation and briefing of your staff. 

After sales service

Also upon delivery we provide a reliable and professional service. This includes prompt fault clearance and repairing in case of emergency, regular maintenance and repairing, as well as an annual electricity check pursuant to DGUV provision 3. 

The Winkler story.

Company history

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